firxworx.com is the technical blog of consulting developer and digital product manager Kevin Firko.

You can reach me at hello@firxworx.com.

I’m available for hire through my company Bitcurve Systems, an independent digital design and development studio in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been shipping websites and apps since 2008.

About me

I perform various professional roles including: business analyst / consultant, SMB + enterprise IT, product manager, and web developer. I have 10 years experience managing small project teams consisting of designers and developers, plus other creatives and specialists as project requirements deem necessary.

My industry experience includes healthcare, telecom, finance, and SMB’s as well as non-profit organizations and public-sector agencies.

I have a degree in Computer Science from Toronto’s Ryerson University, class of 2007.

About this blog

I launched this blog to share various guides and code snippets that I hope others find to be useful.

Most of the posts in this blog are based on personal notes or “scratchpads” that I made while working on a given task or project. Please let me know if you find any bugs, typos, or other issues in the content.


Many thanks to the amazing and brilliant people in the world’s open source community, and of course the greater tech community at large. Thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge, wisdom, time, and tools so that so many people in the world have been empowered to create such great and wonderful things.

With respect to this website, hat tips to the team at Automattic and the many contributors to WordPress.org and its vast ecosystem.

This site uses a custom theme with a look-and-feel that was in part inspired by the Ghost Foundation’s much-loved Ghost (v.1.0) theme, a popular choice among dev blogs that has been ported to many other platforms.