I ran Bitcurve, a small digital design and development studio / consulting outfit full-time from 2008-2020. I continue to provide support to a limited roster of clients and their projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a catalyst for change. In late 2020 I joined shipping and logistics startup Wizmo as their first in-house technical hire. Wizmo has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in both 2020 and 2021. After stumbling upon their post on StackOverflow, my opening line to them was: “Your posting speaks to me”.

Wizmo CV

Initiated an infrastructure automation project that leverages AWS CDK to introduce multi-stage environments, container deployments, load balancers, API gateways, CDN’s, and other modern DevOps and SRE tools to the mix.

Created and published a suite of TypeScript libraries – complete with unit tests and published as Github Private Packages – that provide the company with a common and reusable foundation of code related to the industry and the business domain. The packages enable cross-project DRY and offer interfaces, classes, functions, guards, etc. that can be leveraged on both the front-end and back-end.

Planned and implemented a library of reusable standalone React components written in TypeScript (published as a Github private package) that include Introduced TailwindCSS and tailwind presets + a tailwind plugin to standardize customizations and provide a consistent brand. Noteworthy components include a website and dashboard layout, modals (popups) with smooth entry and exit transitions and support for multiple popups, a suite of rich form inputs powered by Formik, and a powerful and extensible data table based on react-table that supports multiple sort and filter operations.

Developed an internal Sales Analysis and Pricing Tool project that enables industry-leading turnaround for service quotes in sales situations, modelling of different pricing/cost scenarios, and automates a number of tasks including the production of annual rate-sheets. Even in its early stages, this project succeeded in liberating one of the two founder/co-CEO’s from over 20% of his workload by delivering a superior alternative to complicated spreadsheet-driven processes. The tool features integrations with Google Drive + Google Sheets. Project components include a core library written in TypeScript, an API powered by the NodeJS framework NestJS, and a UI powered by React + NextJS.

Promoted data + technology literacy in target areas as a strategy to address certain business challenges. A key success was my decision to open up read-only access to application data, teaching key stakeholders SQL geared for reporting + analytics use-cases, and producing well-documented examples relevant to the business. This has produced transformational results and enabled a new level of data-driven decision making.

Coordinated software development efforts with external IT consultancies, contract developers, and web + graphics design freelancers.

Introduced modern development and project/product management practices: git feature-branch workflow, writing tests, significantly improved requirements gathering, defining project goals and success outcomes, writing high-quality documentation.

Bitcurve CV

A few examples of projects completed by myself and my team over the past several years:

Design and development of a large 21.5″ touch-screen user interface for a start-up’s next-generation beverage machine, featuring animated interactions and gesture support (React)

Development of a REST API to provide a simulation, front-end development, and test environment for a beverage machine (Kotlin, Javalin)

Design and front-end development of a user interface for technicians to manage and troubleshoot hardware issues on a vending kiosk (React)

Design and front-end development of a client portal for the customers of a start-up (React, Material UI, GraphQL)

Development of Ansible playbooks to automate and self-document the configuration and deployment process of an Ubuntu-powered SOC for a Kiosk

Automating the provisioning of AWS resources and deployment of a production web application using Ansible (featuring management of VPC + ELB + Route53 + RDS + EC2 resources, and multiple environments for testing + development + production).

Development of an MVP for an invoicing platform (NodeJS/NestJS, React, Postgres, Redis)

Interviewing and providing recommendations of candidates for various IT and developer roles

Micro-blogging platform in support of 8 large-scale medical scientific meetings, sponsored by leading pharmaceutical companies. (LAMP, JavaScript, HTML5 mobile web-app, iOS and Android apps built with Adobe PhoneGap)

Design and development of a leading patient education resource in rheumatology using WordPress with internationalization via WPML

CMS and membership management solution for a national medical professional association (bilingual / i18n)

CMS, membership management, and event registration solution for a provincial medical professional association

Interactive stakeholder education microsite for a provincial regulatory agency (JavaScript)

Information website for a provincial regulatory agency’s new initiative (JavaScript)

Developing a WordPress plugin that implements custom Gutenberg blocks (React, WordPress, LAMP)

Interactive and responsive symptom assessment tools for patients to complete prior to their appointment with a specialist (x4 tools for x4 diseases)

Design and development of a “private YouTube” streaming video website for medical education, integrated with AWS

Promotional micro-sites for webinars and educational events including online registration and payment

Launching a “private Mailchimp” to facilitate the organization of email campaigns to a specialist audience (AWS SES)

Design and development of a custom survey platform featuring special question types for the healthcare community such as clickable homunculus “pain input diagrams” and Likert questions

Managing programs for reps at major pharmaceutical companies to sign up physician participants, import data, track progress, and provide aggregate reporting to stakeholders and individualized reporting to participants

Website for a provincial medical professional association

Integration of a webapp with ZenDesk for helpdesk/ticketing

Development of a billing system to manage a webapp’s recurring billing, including integration with Stripe and Freshbooks

Development of a solution for “robo-translating” WordPress content via AWS machine-learning powered translation service, and automating the generation of language-specific websites.

Development of an automatic deployment and content-generation solution for WordPress

Design and development of a custom Continuing Medical Education (CME) platform that included a custom survey/quiz builder, and a solution for our client (an agency) to deploy animated and interactive content.

Design and development of a custom Learning Management Solution (LMS) focused on medical education in rheumatology, featuring video streaming powered by AWS and a comprehensive back-end including a billing solution with Paypal integration

Design and development of a WordPress member education resource featuring integration with Vimeo

Patient communication solution for specialty medical practices featuring email and SMS, powered by AWS and Twilio

Design and development of a mobile event app publishing tool (HTML5 + iOS + Android)

Script to generate hundreds of pages of WordPress content from a copy deck created in Google Docs (JavaScript)

Design and development of a block-based drag-and-drop website builder featuring integrations with a domain reseller and Paypal for payments

Custom estimating and record-keeping solution for a stair & railings manufacturer (SQL Server, .NET)

Automation of carried interest models for a private equity firm (VBA, C#)

Integration of an ERP (Microsoft Dynamics GP) with an open-source shopping cart, fulfillment and RMA tools, and 3rd party logistics providers (SQL Server, SSIS)

Custom credit & collections web-app to coordinate a call-centre and finance department of a telecommunications firm