Kevin posing with a laptop

Kevin Firko — CV

Bitcurve Systems Inc.

2008 – Present

I work as a consulting developer and technology director for Bitcurve Systems Inc.

As a full-stack developer with experience in multiple languages & frameworks with devops, AWS, and IT experience I can lead or contribute to a wide variety of projects.

In recent years I have been working predominantly with React, NodeJS, and AWS with extensive experience in TypeScript and leading frameworks of the JS/ES/TS ecosystem including Astro, NextJS, NestJS, Express, TailwindCSS, and many others.

Data-wise I have the most experience PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server. I am familiar with MongoDB, DynamoDB, and keep pace with newer forms of data storage that are growing in popularity especially with the rise of AI.

Beyond TypeScript I have worked on many PHP/LAMP stack projects including many WordPress projects. I have also worked professionally on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, and .NET applications.