Kevin posing with a laptop


A full-stack developer who can take projects from concept to launch and beyond.

I am currently consulting under the banner of my company Bitcurve Systems Inc.

As a full-stack developer with UI/UX, Systems, DevOps, IT, and AWS experience I can independently produce or meaningfully contribute to a wide range of projects.

For the right opportunity I offer the capability to assemble and manage a specialized project team that can deliver all or part of your next product or service.

Full-Stack + TypeScript = ❤️

In recent years I have been working predominantly in TypeScript with React, NodeJS, and AWS.

I work with many of the leading frameworks and toolsets of the broader JS/ES/TS ecosystem including Astro, NextJS, NestJS, Express, Nx, AWS CDK, Docker, TailwindCSS, Vite, Jest, ViTest, and more.


I have the most experience PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, and SQL Server.

I am familiar with MongoDB and DynamoDB, and I follow newer developments in graph and vector databases.

I have been around long enough to know that a single competent DBA advising on a project has the potential to mitigate the need for multiple full-time engineering teams.

LAMP & WordPress

I have worked on numerous LAMP stack (PHP) projects over my career including several WordPress projects of different shapes and sizes.

I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress: it can be painful for developers at times, but when a project's requirements line up it can produce a cost-effective solution faster than anything else.

WordPress is the original low-code/no-code solution on the web and in the right hands it can be a powerful application platform.

Ruby, Python, .NET, bash

I have worked on projects in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Django, plus a few .NET applications.

I also write plenty of bash scripts to help automate all the things.